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That’s me Multi-tasking!

Guy Hauptman is a New York State certified teacher licensed to teach Chemistry and Biology.

Guy has taught both Chemistry, Biology and Physics for over 12 years now in New York City public and private high schools.  During that time, he has also tutored students publicly and privately, on an individual level as well as through Regents Crash Courses.

After getting married to a wonderful wife and having 2 beautiful daughters, Guy’s time availability was curtailed tremendously.  As a result, in 2013, Guy created “100 Ways to Pass the Chemistry Regents!”, an online video tutorial program that covers 100 of the easiest and most commonly asked concepts on the Chemistry Regents, allowing him to combine his passions of making videos and helping students understand chemistry.

Then, in 2014, Guy went on to create “50 Ways to Pass the Living Environment Regents!” to help those students who need to pass that exam.

Now, after many requests, “70 Ways to Pass the Physics Regents!” has arrived!

I can be found on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/physvideotutor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PassThePhysicsRegents

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLXaxA3cjCHpBdvI6UIUcwg

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/guy-hauptman/67/50/479/

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